3 Reasons McDonald's Is McKilling You

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It's no secret that McDonald's is a fast food empire that can not be stopped. Whether you are a hard-working person that doesn't have time to prepare food themself, or you are a no-working person who lives on welfare and eats at McDonald's because you enjoy being obese, you have known and loved McDonald's since you were a wee little kid. Because of that fact, McDonald's might be McKilling you, and here are 3 reasons why:

1. McDonald's food is made of McCrap.

A Double Quarter Pounder with cheese from McDonald's has 740 calories in it, but that doesn't stop you from eating it, now does it? Why? Because over half of those calories (380) are from fat, and you gobble that delicious fat up faster than you can say 'McHeart Attack'. Little do you know that the Double Quarter Pounder is clogging your arteries as you are shoving it down your face.

2. You think just because it's on the dollar menu, you should buy MORE.

Unhappy Worker: "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?"
Hungry Customer: "Yeah, I'd like 2 hamburgers, 2 McChickens, and uhh, lemme get a fruit parfait and a Southwest Salad. Oh, and a large fry."

If that sounds like you, let me explain where you went wrong.

Just because it costs less, doesn't mean you should buy 10 of them! The Dollar Menu is no healthier than the food that isn't on the Dollar Menu. Yes, the portions are smaller, but if you were to choose between a large portion of poison and a smaller portion of poison, which would you choose? NEITHER.

Well, you did order a salad, so that makes it healthy, doesn't it? NO! In a bacon and ranch salad with crispy chicken, there are 340 calories and 16 grams of fat. You might as well be eating a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.

and don't even get me started on the fruit parfaits..

3. You're reading this and laughing with a Big N Tasty in one hand, and a large fry in the other.

If you're Luggin' It like that guy, you should not take this post with a grain of salt. Yes, there might be some humor in it, but behind every joke is some truth, and McDonald's might actually be McKilling you.