3 Reasons Tila Tequila is an Untalented Poser

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Tila Tequila. Everyone's heard of her, but has anyone ever heard one of her songs and lived to tell about it? Didn't think so.. and there's a reason for that. She might have breast implants, botox, and a face lift, but there's one thing that plastic surgeons haven't been able to surgically implant in her body: talent. Here are three reasons why Tila Tequila is an untalented poser.

1. She goes by Tila 'Tequila', yet she is allergic to alcohol and acts like she gets hammered.

Really TILA? Then please explain these tweets:

Mhm. There she is, pretending to be drunk like a 14 year old at a homecoming after party. All that's left for her to do is show us her boobs and she'll be one of the popular girls. Oh wait, she's already done that.

2. Her musical talent is non-existent.

Let me put it the nicest way I can. Tila Tequila is a whore that makes whorish music and sells that awful music by acting like a whore. It's pretty much just a whorish cycle that gives lonely guys a hard-on and a crappy CD with a photoshopped picture of Tila on the front. I'm sure she knows this already, because that's the only reason she's made it this far.

3. Her reality television show was a slutfest.

Yeah, I said it. No one on that show was interested in love. They definitely wanted to make love, but other than that, all that everyone on the show was interested in was her popularity, her boobs, and money.. and I'm not even convinced that she has very much of the latter. If you've ever watched her live on UStream, you'd have noticed that she's in a tiny apartment. Maybe people are finally realizing how worthless she is. If not, maybe you'll join my side after you watch this terrible attempt at music: