Top 10 Top 10 Lists You Don't Want to be Part Of

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Here is a list consisting of other top 10 lists that you wouldn't want to be part of.

1. Top 10 Guys Most Likely to be Dumped By Their Girlfriends for Making Out With Dudes.

2. Top 10 Guys Most Likely to Shatter Mrs. Brown's Chandelier with a Stolen Assault Rifle.

3. Top 10 People Who Suck at Surviving Brain Hemorrhages.

4. Top 10 Girls Most Likely to Frantically Un-tag Themselves in Facebook Pictures.

5. Top 10 Guys Who Should Cover Their Face and Run When They Hear Sirens.

6. Top 5 Girls Most Likely to Curl Up in the Fetal Position in the Corner of the Shower and Cry.

7. Top 10 Guys Least Likely to Remember They Consented to a Paternity Test with that Chick They Knocked Up in Cabo and Now Have to Pay Six Years' Worth of Child Support.

8. Top 10 People Who are Seriously Considering Fleeing the Country—Like, Are Actually Legitimately Planning the Details—No Joke.

9. Top 10 People Most Likely to Not Be Able to Vote in the Upcoming Election.

10. Top 10 Girls Most Likely to be Able to Relate to Entirely Too Many Scenes from Requiem for a Dream.

via Points In Case / Alex Bash