Top 3 Chris Crocker Parodies

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Chris Crocker is most famous for being a whiny cross-dresser on Youtube and defending celebrities such as Britney Spears whilst crying incessantly. It is a sad fact that people like this can become well-known these days. Another example of this (without the cross-dressing) is Tila Tequila--but never mind her. Along with fame usually comes satire, especially if you're as disgustingly easy to make fun of as Chris Crocker. So, here are my top 3 Chris Crocker parody Videos.

1. Seth Green

Click the picture to watch Seth Green's Chris Crocker Parody in a Pop-up window.

HE LOVES HIS GRANDMOTHER. Well played, Seth, well played.

2. Some Weird Kid

Click the picture to watch the weird kid's Chris Crocker parody in a pop-up window.

On second thought, maybe this kid was being completely serious and did not intend to parody Chris Crocker at all. Hard to tell.

3. Darth Vader

Click the picture to watch Darth Vader's Chris Crocker Parody in a Pop-up window.

Is it just me, or is everything funnier when Darth Vader is saying it?